Monday, 26 April 2010

Sharpening The Message

Guido has highlighted a new, public-sourced, 'anti-politics' (whatever that actually means - politics is politics isn't it?) anti-some other stuff attack page designed to reveal just how major and sustained a disaster the Brown years have been for Britain.

LabourVision.TV launches tomorrow – a crowd sourced effort to produce an online anti-party, anti-political election broadcast. Details revealed tomorrow of how your video can be part of Gordon – the Disaster Movie premiering on May Day. The bar is high. Come back tomorrow…

The page can be found at the link in the quote and will be well worth a visit, not least because we have the tantalising prospect of the May Day movie, coming soon to a blog near you.

If this outstanding first effort is anything to go on, the results of this project could be pretty damaging for an already severely wounded Brown-Labour campaign.

I think this is what you call 'sharpening the message' and hats off to Guido for doing it. Tory campaign HQ should take note.


  1. Very good! I have posted it on my 'blog too.

    Actually, it is similar to what CCHQ has produced a couple of times in the past, and I suspect Guido might have got his inspiration from those.

  2. Yes, on reflection I think that's right. But maybe Guido will be able to distribute his thumps a bit more widely that the Tories have managed with their excellent viral stuff so far.

    That's possibly an area where they really do need some inspiration. For instance, there's not a lot tiny and virtually invisible bloggers like yours truly can do. But hundreds of us - co-ordinated? That might be a bit different.

    Why haven't we all been co-opted - we're all listed on Politics Home? Don't they trust us because we're not officially 'part of the machine'? Newsflash: Guido's independent, and he'll help them more than any email campaign from Central Office ever would. It's time for a paradigm shift!


Any thoughts?