Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Dale Destroys Labour's Latest Lies

The latest PEB from Labour represents a new low in hate politics, exploitation and smearing propaganda, even for them. This is it:

Fortunately, Iain Dale, having highlighted it in the first place, in one of the most apoplectic posts I've ever seen him write on his blog in the two years or so I've been reading it, quickly destroys the claims too. A GP has emailed him cataloguing the lies underpinning the most dishonest campaign video in British political history. Read it here.

Well done to him and to Mr Dale for knocking it down before it has a chance to gain any kind of traction. I trust this will be all over the MSM tomorrow - with the story being not only the Labour lies and filth about Conservative health and child support policy, but the abject bankruptcy of the Labour election campaign as a whole.

Mind you, they are totally desperate so they will probably get even worse.


  1. I nearly threw something big ad heavy through the TV screen when I saw this earlier, D, if Brown thinks he got a hard time in last week's debate, Dave is going to give him his balls on a platter this week after castrating him with a blunt instrument!

  2. Well yes. Plus, I really do not think this kind of nonsense, pantomime villain kind of campaign works any more either, does it. It's a bit more specific than 'New Labour New Danger', and all the worse for it. Same, ultra neg. tone. Turns people right orf. Dumb.


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