Thursday, 22 April 2010

Labour's Latest Campaign Tactic: Just Sick

A lame one liner from Brown in the debate was the first sign that Labour's campaign troglodytes have, quite simply - and completely - lost the plot. I've seen this image on a couple of blogs now this evening. I dismissed it, though, thinking it must be just another Toryish blogger agitprop spoof. Not so. A little trip to reveals that, yes, believe it or not (and I still can't believe it), it's for real.

Brown said during the EU bit of the debate: "They'll turn Great Britain into Little Britain". Just another pathetic, throwaway Brownist soundbite and, as always, instantly forgettable. You would think.

But no. Know this: it wasn't just a prepared line for Brown to chuck in. It's part of what looks like a new, concerted campaign tactic, with the diabolically unethical picture below as its visual support:

This was published hours before the debate. Given the hideousness of the image, not least because of Cameron's experience as a father caring for a severely disabled son (now sadly deceased), but also its exploitation generally of disability for cynical political purposes, it's just incomprehensibly sick - and the Labour party must be held to account for it. Severely.

You have to ask, what kind of thought processes are at work in the creation of a thing as brutally horrible as this? Damaged ones, I would say. Very damaged.

Did Brown not know about this either? He said the line in the debate, so one should conclude that, just like with his leaflet smear campaign against the Tories and the SNP, he knew full well about it.

That alone should be enough to bury him in totally justified, universal condemnation.

And I thought we'd seen the worst of him, the lowest.

Not yet, it seems.

And...pulled. Don't expect we'll be seeing that particular line of attack again from the corrupt Labourists (a couple of whom were stupid enough to leave comments here). Good, but the harm to what's left of their reputations - and to the disabled - has been done. The grim last gasps of a heartless regime, and party, rotten to the core.


  1. Beneath contempt.




    (And I very rarely swear, and I was muchly tempted to use a significantly more unpleasant word, arguably the worst one available)

  2. Swearing is good for you, Tony. Keeps the blood pressure down ;)

  3. I wonder if they got permission to use this image and the one from Ashes to Ashes? Given that copyright permission would be held by the Beeb, which is obliged to be neutral, I wonder further whether it would have been granted if it had been?

    Just a thought...

  4. That is truly disgraceful I am linking to this post.

  5. I am just wondering whether the author does know that the line and image are from a BBC comedy programme Little Britain? Looking at his post, it reads as though he thinks the image has just been dreamed up by some fiend at Labour HQ, rather than it being a lame and pathetic reference to an existing popular programme...

    By the way, has the author seen The Spectator's image of Gordon Brown's notes in the debate last night showing all his pre-prepared 'spontaneous' one-liners? It's quite pathetic.

  6. Just a further note: in the programme Little Britain, the man in the wheelchair is not disabled, so is the image all that despicable, really? It's not funny, I grant you, and it is often quite a shock to realise that politicians' sense of humour is so unsophisticated. Remember Margaret Thatcher's "Keep taking the pills."?

  7. Carle de Lippe: Of coure 'the author' knows where it's from, you hoon.

    Stop splittng hairs. It is, as was said above, a despicable image. You should agree, or are you condoning descrimination and exploitation?

    Seems like you are.

  8. A hoon? A bit uncalled for, surely? I was on your side, I think! But I genuinely wasn't sure that you knew of the origins of the image, as you purported to be so shocked by it.

    Why are you not up in arms against the BBC for daring to show the Little Britain sketch that uses an able-bodied man in a wheelchair for comedy purposes? And are you appalled by Armstrong and Miller for their comedic Flanders and Swann impression? Is it discrimination and exploitation? Of course not, so why get hot under the collar about some immature Labourites who obviously don't understand what's funny and what isn't? They won't have gained a single vote as a result of it, after all.

  9. Carl de Lippe: I'm so sorry. I misread your comment.

    But the only people "on my side" are the people that agree with me, because they are the people that "know". Hard as it might sound, that's what you might call my "blog prerogative".

    I apologise if I've impugned you, but I tend to be a little bit sensitive about this kind of thing, as I hope and expect you understand.

    It's only caring for a disabled relative that gives you a real insight into how wicked that Labour attack was.

    That you have distanced yourself from it makes you OK in my book.

    I wish you well.

  10. P.S. I've just read your update to the original post. Was I one of the people you thought "stupid enough to post comments here"? You think I'm a ('New') Labour supporter? Nooooooooo!

  11. denverthen

    We crossed in the post.

  12. Lol. No, you weren't. That was mainly aimed, with my political 'above the line' hat on, at the anonymous Labour troll who wrote, horribly, "duddums".

    Once again, Carl de Lippe, I'm really pretty sorry I've apparently read you so wrong. Perhaps there's a way that, some day, that my error can be corrected.

    Failing that, I really do wish you well. And I feel as guilty as an English twit should!


  13. Methinks the Labour strategy is like a lawyer asking an intentionaly objectionable question and then withdrawing it.

    The point is made and they get to display some contrition.

  14. Interesting notion, Garry. Not sure it'll work, though, if that's their game. Lawyers like that usually end up being done for contempt by the judge. In this case, the judge is the electorate.

  15. The Left really have the most hideous thought processes, D, the fact that they even think this is funny shows what awful people they are. Just look at the Lefty twat who wrote "diddums", (one of the Labour hoons' favourites), and you want to get your hands round the cnut's throat! And besides, Little Britain is about as funny as a kick in the bollocks.

  16. "And besides, Little Britain is about as funny as a kick in the bollocks"

    Yup, totally true. That was something I forgot to mention in my red-faced, justifiable ire.


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