Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Temperature's Rising...

This is what I like to see, and thanks to the superb Daily Politics for spotting it and blogging it so fast. Here we have a some real journalistic pressure being brought to bear by Adam Boulton, and even Nick Robinson, who's been marginally better of late.

One thing's for certain, it is, as the DP says, a trainwreck press conference - for Mandelson in particular. You know that when he adopts that menacing, patronising tone and starts telling reporters of Boulton's calibre to 'calm down', he's lost it.

When he was saying 'calm down' to Boulton, Mandelson was talking to himself. Have a peek:

A shocker for Mandy, the pair of Balls either side of him, and for Labour. You call that 'losing the plot'. More please!


  1. At the point where Manglebum was saying that he would make sure Boulton had a copy of their manifesto, (as if he hasn't already read the whole bloody thing), I couldn't help thinking to myself and embellishing when he started the sentence.... "Adam, when this press conference is over, I'll make sure that"... the boys take you into another room and beat the shit out of you!

    It had Mandy's usual menacing tone and I'm sure that's what he would like to have said. Sometimes Boulton surprises me, D, and this was one of those times.

  2. He did pause rather ominously before he said what he was going to do, didn't he? I thought he was gonna say that too!

    I liked the dig about trying to get elected from Boulton, too.


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