Saturday, 17 April 2010

The Next Debate

I think the debates format should be more informal, maybe with a musical flavour. It's been done before.

Not only would this give the country a sense that our idiot politicians ultimately had only our best interests at heart (instead of theirs, shock horror), and would cooperate out of a sense of duty and in that spirit of grownup-ness, it'd be a shitload more interesting than the first one. Massively.

Maybe Cameron and his band could get the ball rolling with a sharp and uplifting nostaliga set. Eighties stuff, perhaps.

Clegg could follow up with some sort of vicious, meaningless goth/death metal fusion crap. (I hear he's obsessed with that sort of thing.)

Brown will just be the roady. If he's lucky. Well, hey, at least he'd have a chance to be involved. That's fair.

He'll need the work.


  1. Wouldn't Brown favour the Arctic Monkeys? Perhaps we could send him to the Arctic instead...

  2. The new Tryptykon album is freaking awesome.

    That is all.


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