Friday, 16 April 2010

Ramsay McBrown Addresses the Nation

I know Labour are broke and that they have a nasty habit of recycling old policies and passing them off as new ideas, but don't you think they've gone a bit too far with this latest election broadcast. I mean, whatever next?

First, Ramsay McBrown addresses the nation about the grave economic crisis:

And on a more personal note:

(They couldn't afford sound for that one. Charlie said no.)

Isn't it funny how all Labour governments end in a total economic shambles? Funny as in strange, not amusing.

Oh, and I do hope Brown isn't going get any odd ideas from this about trying to rig some sort of national government with him in charge (on the very slim chance that this election ends in deadlock).

There'd be fighting in the streets. And I'd bring the Molotovs.

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