Thursday, 29 April 2010

Bell On Bigotgate

Been too busy for Bigotgate today, more's the pity. But I've had a chance to skim through all the papers now and have been struck by one thing in particular: the schizoid coverage of Brown's epic fubar by the Guardian. Its snob-Left middle class are smelling their own farts (a la South Park's 'smug alert') like crazy over some touchy feely rentapole called Millionovus Poppinova or something's, mortally wounded by the OAP's comments about Eastern Europeans 'flocking' into Britain act. Well, I don't know about you, but I'd call a million or so permanent new members of the community, all from the same origin, a pretty hefty 'flock', wouldn't you?

This is 'grow up, do' territory, but, relentlessly, this stupid person instead drones on and on and on with this fake victimhood horse manure, possibly designed to deflect us from criticising the true villain of this piece: el Gordo. If not - if it is somehow genuine - then in terms of spectacularly missing the point it's hard to trump. The point? The point is that Brown simply lowered not just his, but his entire political party's mask for a moment and revealed in all its stark reality how very, very much the middle class snob-Left (the Toynbee and Harmans of this world, to name but two out of hundreds either in politics or in journalism or both) fear, despise and resent their own core vote. You see this not so much in the article, which is just bluster and drivel, but in the comments below it, which are generally disgusting. If you really can stand it, you can see what I mean here.

On the other hand, though, you have Steve Bell. Artist, a committed Tory basher with plenty of previous and a dyed in the wool lefty, but at least he's got a sense of humour. He hates hypocrisy even more than he loathes David Cameron:

Ah well, home time. But, oh joy unconfined, another debate to look forward to tonight. I do hope Dave and Nicky tease little Gordy about all this.


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