Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Freudian Brownisms

Just listened to Brown's horrible, grovelling speech, in which he begged for a mandate (his first one - nice of him to ask this time). I then could not believe my ears. He wants, he says, to "clean up parliament for people and those they serve", or words very much to that effect (I think what he actually said was worse). Whoever wrote that speech didn't check his relative pronouns carefully enough.

I know it's not really a Freudian slip - although, given the context and the level of the troughing in the rotten parliament, you'd be forgiven for thinking that he'd simply forgotten to lie for once - but it does give you some sense that Brown is only ever one slip of the tongue away from making a complete tit of himself. It's the fact that he always seems so close to that slip of a tongue, Freudian or otherwise, that makes him such an awkward speaker, and is one of the reasons why he is so excruciatingly ghastly to have to hear. No normal person would choose to listen to Gordon Brown, with that passive-aggressive, gravel growl of a voice, the bizarre pronunciation of simple words and the perpetually haggard face with the fake smile like the silver plate on a coffin (any comparison between Brown and Peel begins and ends right there, however).

Oh, and just for good measure, Brown is now middle class with middle class 'valleyoos', according to him. Class war 'dogwhistles' Fraser Nelson has just called them. Class war gobshite, more like.

Brown. A liability to the end, which is why his end is nigh. Pretty soon during the course of the campaign, there'll be nowhere left for the Labourist campaign bosses to hide him. Bring on the debates!

Not a Sheep has posted on this and given us the accurate quote, for which I am grateful. It was worse than I thought:
We will renew the contract between the people and those that they are sworn to serve
I'd like to congratulate Brown on being far more eloquently insulting to the entire population of Britain than certainly I could ever manage to be. Oh bravo, Gordon.

What a plonker.


  1. Quite right. I noticed the "Middle Class" thing as well. Not exactly calculated to improve morale amongst the working class Labour activists!

  2. Just one of many out-of-touch Gordonisms as the campaign wears on, I suspect.


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