Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Labour Illiteracy

You couldn't make it up if you tried
We always knew Labour couldn't do its sums, well now it seems it's utterly illiterate too. Tory Bear has spotted this rather telling typo from Labour's own rehashed manifesto.

That it appears in the education section turns a simple slip into a right Balls up.

And it's so generally naff, too, that it hardly inspires confidence, does it?

No, it doesn't. Losers.


  1. Thanks goodness they have nothing to do with Education in Scotland.

  2. I hear that tris. I remember when, 20 years ago or so, going for up for interview at a well-known English university (whose name starts with O), I met some, well, "competitors" I suppose they were, from Scotland. I also remember the frustration of realising, after speaking to them for a bit, that they were far more well-educated than English-state-school nobody me. Not necessarily brighter (although most of them easily were), just more knowledgable, and comfortable in the knowledge of that fact.

    Having worked in the profession one way or another since then, the Scottish state education system (and Northern Ireland's, though that's now under attack), I know first hand, was/is widely regarded as the Union's Gold Standard.

    No wonder you're proud of it. You've every right to be. I'm just envious - still!

    And I know how you've protected it for so long. You export all your corrupt Scots Labourists and socialists south so you can just get on with things without interference from them over the wall.

    Cunning, that ;)


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