Monday, 19 April 2010

Some Things Never Change

I agree with Guido Fawkes that some things never change, so for the Conservative party not to be offering significant tax breaks, while the Libdums laughably are (however dishonestly) does indeed look like a spectacular own-goal. Guido goes further, though, and lays blame for the strategic error, in this case firmly at the door of Danny Finkelstein, erstwhile election mastermind and now well-known Times bloggist who delivered for the Tories an extremely well-managed, crushing defeat. As Guido says:
Danny Finkelstein and Guido had a bit of Twitter spat about this last night. Guido holds Fink responsible for accepting the Balls/Brown dividing lines and helping to foist on the Tories their “no tax cuts” position. A policy position that Guido sees as cowardice in the face of the enemy.
Quite. People are following the money. Some things really do never change, even in this time of what we are being led to believe is some sort of new era of a woolly-headed progressive consensus. The people, it seems, disagree. You'd think "Conservatives" would be sensitive to that. Real ones would - and are.

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