Saturday, 10 April 2010

Farage Gets Auto-Tuned

Click to visit the Auto-Tune channel
For those who don't know, "Auto-Tune The News" is a musical, American, political satire, Youtube channel. ("Auto-Tuning" means fiddling around with voices electronically, or something.)

Even though it's almost exclusively (unsurprisingly) about US politics, I've always thought their stuff was pretty funny. Well, they've been quite tickled by Nigel Farage's outburst at EU Central some weeks ago, too, where he tried to do a Dan Hannan on Humbug van Pompom, or whatever the hell his stupid name is, (you know, the European "President" blokey. You know.) and just ended up insulting the bejeezus out of the total non-entity, harmless Euro puppet-in-chief, ex-leader of a non-country.

I can tell you I was shocked when I heard Herr Farage piled in the way he did. Truly. When he was in full flow, it made me laugh so much I spilt hot coffee all over my lap. You'd have been shocked too, I can tell you. It stung so bad!

What will interest Farage is that the video's had 230,000-odd hits so far which means he's a lot more famous in America than he is in Buckingham (though that's hardly surprising since there's only 13,000 people in Buckingham).

Anyway, this is Gasper Nige getting the ATTN treatment, plus some other stuff. Pretty witty, I thought.

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