Wednesday, 17 March 2010

We're Very Strange

The Liberal Democrats have decided to sing some random gospel song about being the stuff you get back when you hand over a fiver for a Mars Bar. Or maybe it's about offering to be your bus fare home. How sweet.

Either way, it might have been more honest for them to name the song "We're Very Strange" rather than the clarity-proof "We'll Be The Change". As bottom feeder-level campaigning goes, this piece really takes the planckton.

Beyond parody. I doubt we'll be hearing it again any time soon. Then again, these are loopy Lib Dems we're talking about...

Hat tip: Guido, et al.


  1. It made me cringe and want to rip my ears off.

    As for 'being the change', I suppose it makes some sense. They do after all change their minds on every issue every ten minutes and frequently hold to different ideas at the same time in different constituencies...

    Not so much 'we are the change' as 'we are unpredictably changeable'.

    Not so much sitting on the picket fence as spinning in circles while having the fence post rammed right up - actually, I think I'll stop there, I've only recently eaten.

    At least there's one thing you can say about Labour: they are uniformly and predictably sh**.

  2. 'Flakey' I think is the word that best describes these jokers, closely followed by, as you rightly suggest, 'pathetically headless'.


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