Monday, 26 April 2010

Toddler Tax? What About Brown's Baby Tax

All people need to know, and all the Tories need to do to counter this latest bit of lying Labour misrepresentation, is to remind them that every baby born for a generation or more will be in debt, from birth, to the tune of £32,000 and quickly rising (see counter at the bottom of this blog). The excellent Tory poster from January 2009 is now that far out of date. In 15 months, Brown's baby bill's nearly doubled.

It's Brown's baby tax, created as a consequence of his crazy scorched earth, debt-fueled spending spree after his mega-bust, and it's one of many reasons why he deserves nothing less than the total political oblivion to which the nation's about to consign him. And good riddance.

And let's hear no more pathetic, desperate lies about some phantom Tory 'toddler tax'.

There's only one conclusion worth reaching in this general election, and it's becoming clearer to people by the minute: it's time for the Tories to come in and clear up another fine Labour crisis. Failing that, it's just time for Brown to go.


  1. The fact that Brown can't tell the difference between a compulsory tax, and paying for a service that you choose to use, says it all really, doesn't it?

  2. Some families rely on nursuries - they keep families in employment! Rising the cost so that people with lower income get to pay lower prices (if they pay at all) will only encourage people to stop working when their children go to nurseries, why should they pay for other peoples childcare???

  3. Actually there is something like a labour toddler tax already.
    Family tax credit is calculated on gross income (take home AND taxes). Once your first baby reaches a year and your maternity leave runs out, many parents would like one of them to stay with their child/children and not go back to work. Now you have one income and only one tax free allowance (they replaced married man's allowance remember), but family tax credit does not take this into account.
    So a family next door with the same gross income from two incomes will get the same family tax credit, but you are actually much worse off than them (like 4 or 5 grand) because they get too tax free allowances and you only get one.
    It should be calculated on take home pay not gross income, but labour are obsessed with parents both working (hence the free nursery care) at the deliberate cost of families where one parents wants or is forced to stay at home with children.
    Personally I am supporting my wife and three children on one income and I pay the same tax as the single guy who sits next to me at work. It's totally disgusting and I'm fed up with it.


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