Monday, 22 June 2009

"Bercow's Not A Tory!" -Cameron

Puppet and master
Conservative Home has already given some inkling as to the scale of the animosity Labour has potentially generated by playing politics with the speaker's election. In cynically manoeuvering John Bercow into a winning position, the Labour goons have gleefully set Cameron and the shadow front bench on collision course with the man who now looks certain to be has now been elected to that office.
Revealing blog from Tom Harris MP:
"A Labour colleague was in the toilet next to the chamber just before the first ballot, when he was joined by David Cameron in the adjacent urinal.

“David, I’m about to vote Tory for the very first time in my life,” said my friend jovially.

“John Bercow doesn’t count!” replied Cameron."

Job done, then. Poisonous Brown Labour have screwed and skewed parliamentary process once more. These events must surely cast doubt upon the genuine freedom and secrecy of the voting process. And there we were thinking this sort of thing only happened in Zimbabwe and Iran.

A terrible result for British democracy, once again. Bercow has no support from the main opposition party and is a serial expenses abuser to boot. It will be in his interest to follow the Brown line of blaming 'the system', as though MPs are somehow victims of their own perfidy and greed, because 'the system' let them get away with it. And once more, we, the electorate, are told effectively to go f**k ourselves.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse...


  1. They refuse to have any humility. They have not and never will learn anything even when they lose the next election. It's all just schoolyard antics and bullying from a bunch of arseholes who can't grow up and live in the real world.
    I'm going to nick the pic if that's okay - it rather fits with a little theme I have going on at the moment.

  2. Totally agree, Spider.

    I nicked that picture, so steal away :) (Can you steal stolen property?)

  3. Well lets get out there and beat the shit out of them - we the people of England will sort these scum out as our ancestors have in previous centuries.

  4. Thanks for reporting on this Mr Den, got distracted by a few good proggies on Discovery so lost the plot a bit.

    It's always worse than expected with Labour, always some last minute twist or flourish of appallingness.

    Picking a corrupt Tory seems like far too sophisticated a ploy to have been the work of anyone except Mandy - a slightly higher of deception at work ("Old Europe", even).

    Wonder if Dave could still turn this around by making a decent man out of Bercow? There are some disadvantages to picking a Tory, after all.

    Full agreement with other comments: the sham/panto rolls on, and people have (quite literally) been put to the sword for less.


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