Tuesday, 30 June 2009

How To Tell When Brown's Lying

Brown's lies about Labour cuts are bad enough - and they are proven untruths. But can you tell when he lies? "Yeah," I hear you say, "when the old fraud opens his mouth." Ho ho. But give a guy a fair break, even if he seems to be determined not to give anybody else one.

I thought it would be fun to find out using a marginally more (ie: not very) scientific method whether or not the man is a liar. If you have the time, watch the first video, which is about the "science" of lying. It explains some of the tell-tale signs that scientists believe indicate whether a person is deliberately telling lies. Then watch the Boulton interview with Brown from a few weeks ago. Make your own mind up whether Brown is a truthful man - or not.

My view? An epic "not". Brown really should carefully hide his interviews away on the radio from now on. The "tells" are a bit less obvious there.


  1. Didn't Gordon Brown once say that he would do anything to help put this Country back on its feet?
    Or was he lying?

  2. Where the hell are you getting this stuff from Mr Den - the description of a pseudologue at 23:19 had me hooting out loud!

    It nailed Gordon to a tee, just incredible (called him a pathological liar before, but stand pleasantly corrected) - especially gratifying to learn that there is often a deficit in brain function associated with the condition (that famous tick is a strong indication of defective wiring). Wonder if a brain scan could pick the problem up in Brown?

    Many interesting expressions during his interview but Brown's a difficult subject because his expressions are generally so leaden and/or false (he is a pseudologue though so he does inhabit his fantasy montage all the time). 3:48 in his interview is a corker, would his father really have said 'you've got to take action' - those words?? Brown stalls quite nicely around that clumsy, off-the-cuff fabrication - hehe =)

    Ey up Mr Grumpy, brilliant vidz!!!

  3. I liked that term 'pseudologue', too. But his lying is frequent and so inconsistent that it might well qualify as merely pathological. Possibly, he's a bit of both. A pathological pseudologue, then.

    He's a hybrid ;)


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