Sunday, 7 June 2009

EU Election Results: England and Wales

North East:
North West:Yorkshire & Humber:
East Midlands:West Midlands:Eastern:
South West:Wales :) :)South East:London:EU Wide:Graphics (c) BBC, Sky

So that's it, then. Labour wiped-out in most of England and Wales - and two seats for the BNP national socialist villains. Incredible, really. Could there have been a more complete and damning indictment of Brown's total, utter failure in everything he has ever touched? The country is now in a far, far worse condition, politically and economically, than it was when Labour took power in 1997.

The Golden Legacy Labour inherited has been well and truly destroyed, perhaps permanently, by Brown. The body politic is in a state of febrile volatility, thanks to Brown. The socioeconomic and democratic health of the nation is now so bad, frankly anything could happen - if Brown stays. If he goes, as he surely must, there is just a chance the damage can be limited and then repaired. If he clings on, Terminator-style, as Dan Hannan said, then things can only get much, much worse.

We're into real high stakes politics now. David Cameron better step-up, for all our sakes.

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