Sunday, 7 June 2009

==PM Speech Charade==

Brown is speaking in his impromptu (panic stations) press conference in London now. Talk about last ditched efforts, complete with forced humour and fake self-deprecation. Watch the nonsense here live, if you can bare it.

"I owe my life to a Labour government." This sounds awfully like a Jennifer's ear moment. I wonder which Labour geniuses they got to dream-up these sick-making 'letters from the grateful'.

He's doing an Oscar Schindler impression now: "He who saves one life saves the world entire." So it's official: Brown Labour has saved the world. Methodist acting?

Not sure I can take much more of this shit.

This is just pure flannel. Has this guy no shame, talking some sort of nonsense about 'social inclusivity', and yet more myth-making about the economic crisis, bigging-up the unelected Mandlebum, talking nonsense about our dying car industry, talking rubbish about 'tackling' unemployment, ignoring the fact that all Labour's 'efforts' so far to 'help' people have spectacularly failed. And now he follows-up with the class envy crap and then has the temerity to criticise the Telegraph for uncovering the sleaze scandal.

Conflict of interest! He dares to talk about conflict of interest when he has just brought Alan-bloody-Sugar into government after having awarded the latter's company a £10m computer contract. [Update: a £30m contract on May 5th this year: details here].

This is simply more dishonest blather with lists and lists of fake achievements and false accusations about the Tories and more and more 'aspirational' spin.

Same old same old: dishonest rhetoric ('Not just....but also...' etc), confused messages about his view of society to suit the activists.
"Public service not self service"? The whole purpose of this speech is self-serving. "I'm going nowhere," is the message. Brown, I don't think you've got that right either.

If he believes what he is saying, then he is delusional. If he doesn't, then he is lying. I'm pretty certain that it's a large dollop of both. And this last thing about the dying African child makes me think he has actually, finally gone mad.

So, folks, 50 supine Labour activists listening to Pete Mandelson, Harriet Harperson and Gordon Brown in a sports hall and it's getting full-on live BBC coverage ("Now here's Harriet Harman: Let's listen in.").

If you want an insight into Brown's mindset, this whole charade is perfect. We have, notably, women making the points (stage-managed). We do not have challenging questions, we have placed remarks, complete with applause. So we can finally see the truth in all its frightening, stark reality: Brown doesn't do elections because he brooks no argument nor tolerates disagreement.

The man is an enemy of democracy, as are his supporters. Truly chilling.

The BBC should be taken to the bloody cleaners for this outrage. How can they possibly justify what has descended into one, long party political political broadcast on behalf of Brown Labour. When do we get to see the Tory and Lib Dem episodes? Never, I would think. It's a total disgrace. The BBC has most definitely gone into bat for Brown.

(I know I know - it's on Sky too. But Sky is free to air: they can show whatever they like. I pay for the Beeb so I have every right to object to its misuse of airtime.)

Well, I've had enough. I've written a letter of complaint to the BBC about their coverage of this little Labour love-in. I urge you all to do the same here.


  1. I've sent my complaint in too, where it will be logged, noted and then roundly ignored. The Brown Broadcasting Corporation will need disinfecting come the General Election.


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