Monday, 15 June 2009

Iraq Inquiry: Whitewash Part 74

As far as I can tell from Brown's gabbled statement to the House of Commons right now, the latest Labour-inspired pseudo-inquiry into the Iraq war will cover the entire occupation, so its terms are so wide it will have no real focus. It will be secret so no one will know who testifies or what they actually say. It will take over a year for it report (the Franks inquiry only took six months). There will be no political representation, so, as Brown puts it, it will not be permitted to 'apportion blame'. So Tony Blair will once more will not be held to account for lying to the House. And so it goes on. As Cameron put it a few moments ago, it's just another Establishment stitch-up.

Sorry, none of this is good enough.

It's not good enough that it is to be held in secret. It's not good enough that it will not include senior politicians from all parties (this is a democracy, isn't it?). It's not good enough that no one will know who testifies to what. It's not good enough that no blame will be apportioned for what was, after all, a war fought on the basis of a lie. It's not good enough that Brown has dodged the issue once more by making sure this inquiry will take so long, over a year will pass and there will be a general election before it reports.

This is a just another bit of expensive, lousy, fake 'lesson learning' (whitewashing) by Labour's lying leadership and, as such, is yet another insult to the Armed Forces. Members of the inquiry board will be hand-picked by Brown and, as Clegg has just said, it will not be held in secret to protect British security, it will be held in secret to protect Blair's, and therefore Brown's, reputation. Clegg's right: only a public inquiry can heal the wounds to our democracy and to the reputation of our Armed Forces inflicted by Blair's terrible, vain, arrogant decision to take us into a war of aggression on the basis of untruths and without the slightest provocation from the 'enemy'.

But what do we get from Brown? More stinking politics from Britain's most stinking politician.

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  1. going down the pan6/16/2009 12:37:00 am

    i'll post a comment ! the reason it will take 12 months, is a smoke screen .the only bit anyone is interested in is the lies leading up to it, what happened after we all know, so lets hear what went on before in the lead up and let's get B LIAR before the court in the hague where he belongs !


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