Friday, 5 June 2009

Labour China Syndrome

If the results from Lincolnshire are anything to go by, Labour is facing its biggest defeat of all time. The link for the Lincs results can be found here.

Labour have been wiped out. And the story in Staffordshire so far is no different. There is mounting evidence that Brown is facing an unprecedented meltdown in support nationwide. And the fringe parties have not benefited as much as was expected.

The really titanic outcome of the vote appears to be the massive shift from Labour to the Lib Dems. While the Tories have made more or less the gains their upside estimates predicted, the Liberals appear to be overtaking Labour in a way that indicates a serious identification change in the minds of people who, it had been assumed, were dyed in the wool Labour loyalists.

Early days yet, but these results suggest a collapse in support for the party of government on a scale never before seen. Astonishing.

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