Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Brown: Take A Detention

PMQs. Just watched it. Haven't seen anything quite so hilarious since my cat attacked the washing machine. Three memorable quotes:

"He [Brown] says he wants to be a teacher but it looks like he's lost control of the classroom." (Cameron referring to the cabinet split about government spending).

"There's simply far too much noise." Speaker of the House hassled, short-arse teacher, Bercow, trying to get a grip of a class that has no respect for him.

"It's the Liberal party that wants to cut public expenditure, not the Conserv.... not the Labour party." Brown, our unwanted, very mixed-up and potty prime mentalist muddling up his lies.

One thing is certain, this PMQs was an epic win for Dave C. Brown, finally caught in the most whopping of his great lies, was left totally confused. His trainwreck performance will not have gone unnoticed among elements within his own cabinet currently briefing against him.

One thing more: Bercow seemed happy to let Cameron get on with it - even to the point of stretching chamber rules to breaking point by allowing Cameron to quote MPs' names. He completely failed to protect Brown who seemed quite stunned more than once in the midst of the withering Cameron assault. All he could do was repeat a lie about Tory cuts (which are actually Labour cuts) in a way that simply served to make him look potty.

Deliberate on the part of Bercow? No. He's not that good. The reality is that without the protection of his mate Mick, Brown's debating inadequacies have been exposed. Cameron, a decent scrapper, made mincemeat of him. Brown's final insult to the electorate, Bercow, has backfired spectacularly. Key-ool.

See for yerself.


  1. It was delicious viewing. Now all that needs to be done is to put an end to the planted questions and we can start to have some semblance of proper debate.

  2. Not only does the Emperor not have any clothes on, it's now been revealed that he's oiled, soiled and raving with every quantum of demented hysteria the human frame can muster!

    Let's hope this new found exposure continues (and intensifies) until Brown is properly deposed from his Hall of Mirrors spendathon - writing ever larger cardboard novelty cheques from deep within the bowels of his own internal F├╝hrerbunker.

    It's also turned out that an ineffective Speaker is to be greatly preferred over a conspicuously partisan one.


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