Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Ussher-ed Out

Kitty Ussher: spending more time with her alien

I'm quitting for the sake of my kids, says tax evader and [ex-]government treasury minister, posh southern socialist MP for Burnley, Kitty Ussher. According to the Telegraph, she claims she has never done anything wrong whatsoever and that she had always intended to quit. Er, right. So that's why you accepted the ministerial appointment 12 days ago is it Kitty cat? Pull the other one, it's got a fur ball on it.

Her remarks to The Lancashire Telegraph just two months ago bear repetition if you don't think I'm being fair.

BURNLEY MP Kitty Ussher has defended her decision to school her children in London and said “I am still in love with Burnley”.

The MP said she has been shocked by the reaction since the news was exclusively revealed by the Lancashire Telegraph last week.

She said that “nothing has changed in practical terms” and that she would continue to split her time between her home in Brixton, South London, and her constituency base in Burnley.

And she said that her working life means she had no choice but to send her children to school in London, even though “the education in Burnley is better”.

Mrs Ussher, who serves as a Pensions Minister, said she would now name her terraced home in Brixton as her principal address.

But she said that weekends and school holidays would be spent at her home in the Healeywood area of Burnley.

Mrs Ussher, who was elected in 2005, said: “Parliament sits from Monday to Thursday in terms practically identical to school terms.

“If I want to keep us together I have no choice but to send them to school near Westminster even though the education in Burnley is better.

“I am 100 per cent committed to my adopted home of Burnley and I’m very proud that my children have Burnley on their birth certificates.

“But anyone who suggests that I should split my family up for the sake of my job should be scorned and derided.”

Mrs Ussher said she was keen to remain as the town’s MP.

Fancy that.

Just to clarify: The Guardian is now saying she was actually sacked as a minister. Her claim that she decided months ago not to stand again as an MP is what I was attacking, mainly because it's not true!


  1. The trouble is, her boss at the Treasury flipped his home four times. But of course, Brown can't sack him.

  2. I just can't fathom who these people are or what they're for.

    This woman was born in the same county (Bucks) in the same year as me. But that's where the coincidences end and her privilege begins.

    She's the niece of Peter Bottomley. She went to St Paul's School For Girls-Who's-Daddies Have-Loads-of-Money and Balliol. And she ended-up Labour MP for Burnley in 2005, soon to be a treasury minister and tax evader. Huh?

    Maybe I'm being stupid but something seems very, very odd about the whole thing. I think it's called "a monumental stitch-up".

    Maybe we do need a revolution after all.


    LIBERAL Democrats in Burnley - already well-placed to take over from Labour MP Kitty Ussher at the next General Election - have called for her to resign immediately from Parliament so that voters can have their say on who they want to represent them.

    Burnley Council leader and Parliamentary candidate Gordon Birtwistle said that if Liberal Democrat reforms of Parliament were made law, Kitty Ussher would be sacked by voters who would then choose her replacement.

    Coun Birtwistle said, "I am bitterly disappointed that there won't now be a public fight. Burnley people have been fed up of her antics for some time and the writing was already on the wall.

    "Liberal Democrats took five of Labour's six seats on the County Council here two weeks ago, we topped the poll here in the European elections and we took majority control of the local Council last year.

    "With Vince Cable proved right on the economy, our entire party proved right on Iraq, and only the Liberal Democrats fighting hard over the downgrading of our local hospital, it is quite clear who the political competition is in Burnley.

    "But the main thing is the people of Burnley now have to put up with inadequate representation until the Prime Minister sees fit to call a General Election. That is no way to run a modern democracy. People want to see her sacked now, and our reforms would allow them to sack her themselves."

    Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg is pushing for reforms that would enable voters to "recall" an MP who they felt had let them down badly, and for the date of each General Election to be fixed in advance.

    Kitty Ussher took her position as a minister just ten days ago, the second time she had worked as a junior Treasury minister, but says that she is stepping down due to the pressures of running a young family.

  4. Great stuff, Mr Reynolds. I hope Cable gets his way and your lot win the subsequent by election in your town - though mainly because the poor old Tories don't stand a chance ;)

  5. Well, I dream of a great Tory Government with the chance to have a Libdem protest vote. As long as they clean up their McBride tendency.

  6. Tee, hee!

    There's also some comedic material on her website.

    Under the heading 'Who pays for your MP?' and referring to allowances is the statement:'Kitty does not recieve [sic] this money personally.' Just WTF?

    Under 'Who is Kitty?' I note that she helped as a political adviser to write the govt's 'first ever manufacturing strategy'. Well that was a great success.

    She oh so credibly claims a season ticket for Burnley FC, I can just imagine her and Ali Campbell roaring the boys on.

    I agree that there is a conveyor belt of these people, champagne socialists, and well, champagne tories: private schools, Oxbridge, researcher, political adviser, MP. Their agenda is their pitiful party 'career', not what it should be, namely the well-being of the people of the UK. Minimum qualifications to be an MP should be to be over 40, and to have at least 10 years working in the private sector.

    You're right about the stitch-up, sadly I agree with the 'Blue Labour' tag. This country needs radical change. Ushering, but preferably kicking, Kitty, Milliband, Balls and their ilk towards the exit should be just the beginning.

  7. Super stuff, Art. Great Kitty dirt.

    I agree wholeheartedly with your points about our pisspoor, privileged, dishonest representatives.

    When do get to start kicking!

  8. I can't stand the bitch- Burnley is my birthplace and where I went to school. This troughing cow has no connection with the town whatsoever, and despite her avowals of loving Burnley FC and walking on t'moors she obviously has no real affinity with the area or its people. She's a professional politico- public school, Oxford PPE graduate, "researcher" etc. She's never had a real job in her over-privileged life.

    I was fortunate enough to be able to take part in the recent "open-top" bus parade. On arrival at the Town Hall I roundly ignored the silly bitch and that ignorant war-mongering bastard Campbell who was larging it as MC. Most Burnley people can't stand these hypocritical grandstanding fuckers.

    I haven't been blogging much recently due to family pressures, but thank Christ you're keeping on with the keeping on.

  9. Cheers Oik. I've got to channel the anger somehow ;)

    Hope all's well.


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