Monday, 1 June 2009

Labour Poll Nightmare

Politicalbetting has the latest Ipsos general election poll. It's an epic shocker for Brown. And after his car-crash interview (motorway pile-up, more like) this afternoon, it's hard to know how he can cling on any longer.

The Speccy thinks Charles Clarke is stirring his lardy frame on the sidelines in anticipation of the post-June 4th bloodbath. They reckon that no one in the cabinet has the Balls to pull the trigger and oust Gord. So it'll have to be Clarke. I still don't buy that meself. He always seems oddly over-rated by the right-leaning press.

But yes, folks, this is how desperate it's become for the Labourites. Oh joy unconfined!

CON 40(-1) LAB 18(-10) LD 18 (4)

Read it and weep, Brown.


Any thoughts?