Sunday, 21 June 2009

A Very British Coup

Just watched this 1989 classic for the first time in years. It got me thinking, if he rigs things so he doesn't have to go between now and June 2010 (or even beyond that date), then how the hell will we rid ourselves of Gordon 'Tyrant' Brown? It's a tricky one.

Tell you what, even though he's a Dennis Skinner-type loony communist, the fictional PM Harry Perkins is infinitely more desirable than Brown. At least he's honest. At least he has principles. At least he's reasonably normal. At least he's elected!

So we'll have to switch the plot lines around a bit for our little revolution. The restoration of British democracy is the goal, not the subversion of it, as in the film. That can't begin before our demagogue PM is removed and this cesspit parliament taken down with him. Any suggestions?

Anyway, here's a clip:

"I'm going to tell the truth."
"He can't do that. He's the Prime Minister."

Tee hee.


  1. Great clip - not seen it before, will watch the whole thing as soon as possible.

    "I don't actually vote for you but I know what's right", where's that kind of decency gone? Just something to be exploited and privately sneered at nowaways.

    Have thought for a long time that, in politics, at the very least, the nature of the process ultimately comes to dominate the outcome (possibly a similar line of thinking to "a fish rots from the head", but without the negative bias).

    If this view has any merit at all, it's pretty much a death sentence for the UK under the current government. Brown could not now do "what's right" even if he wanted to. The system around him, and through which he must act, is thoroughly rotten and decrepit - a reflection of himself, his predecessor, and all those who choose to align themselves with ugly-minded deceit.

    Purnell braver than Miliband, seems to be the message in some quarters - what idiotic nonsense! The pair of them, and all the rest, worthy of nothing but contempt. Flint (and Oona King before her), cheap and common - naff people for a naff government.

    In the absence of a (fair) general election or some kind of mass protest (even less likely), it's difficult to see what might have an effect on the situation.

    One thing that might be worth a try is to go around the blogs of decent MPs (of any persuasion) and point out all this stuff about decency and integrity on a regular basis - the good ones are more likely to read the comments and more likely to be fired up by being reminded of just how far things have departed from any semblance of acting in good faith.

    It would be extremely gratifying to have had a hand, however small, in motivating an MP into getting on TV and giving the whole towering excremental edifice 'both barrels'.

    To judge from the way audience members cheer and boo when given the chance to face down members of the political class, there is a dam just waiting to be breached - such an MP wouldn't be very popular with their colleagues but their level of unpopularity in that circle might be the most effective measure of how succesful they have been on behalf of the public =)

  2. "It would be extremely gratifying to have had a hand, however small, in motivating an MP into getting on TV and giving the whole towering excremental edifice 'both barrels'."

    I agree with just about everything you say, sunset, but especially with this. It would make a welcome change.

    You're also dead right that it's a question of decency and of the calibre of our lawmakers. As of 2009, parliament has little of the first and, almost universally, second rate MPs (assuming we refuse to take them at their own, usually immodest estimation).

  3. Thanks Mr Den, I was a bit shouty at points - anger eroding good manners. Very high levels of agreement here with the contents of your blog - already filled in quite a few blanks and provided much important detail.

    This country might be as good as doomed under Labour, but I'm not yet ready for the suicide option of taking them at their word, least of all where it applies to themselves =)

    Just finished watching the whole of A Very British Coup as well - excellent, a worthy diversion from the smelly reality of britpolitik and a timely reminder of what's missing.

  4. I do not understand your familiarity, hole.

    I appreciate it, but I do not understand it.

    Seem fair to you?


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