Friday, 29 May 2009

Cameron Out For Blood

The Daily Sleazygraph has just published a potentially explosive story in which it says Dave Cameron is calling for the phantom mortgage fraudsters to be prosecuted. In an interview with the newspaper he says:
“If people have broken the law in claiming expenses, like mortgage payments for mortgages that don’t exist, should they be subject to the full force of the law? Yes of course they should.

“I’ve said it’s not for me to call in the police but the police know what the law is and if they feel it’s been broken they should be able to look at that without fear or favour.”

He's putting the boot in on the day Elliot Morley was forced to stand down over his fraudulent expenses claims for a phantom mortgage and seems to be upping the ante and inviting open conflict with Brown over their respective parties' handling of the scandal.

Let's hope he's hurt them. Let's hope he finally flushes Brown out and then keeps on kicking. He's done a reasonable job with his wayward troughers; Brown has dodged the issue at every turn and deserves to get hammered for his useless dithering and double standards.

Mr Morley and other MPs with “phantom” mortgages are expected to be the focus of police interest.

It is understood that Sir Paul Stephenson, the Scotland Yard Commissioner, wants detectives to announce as soon as possible whether a criminal investigation will be instigated.

I don't really care who ends-up being sent-down for these frauds - for which us mere mortals could expect to be serving some serious time - but I want an arrest soon, and it might as well be the worst of the worst who have their collars felt first: Morley and Chaytor. That would be a start.

Whatever you might think about him and his party, Cameron is right on this - and he's right to be out for blood. The problem for him is that he's playing a bloody dangerous game here. But hey, isn't that what decent leaders do? Gordon 'Courage' Brown take note.

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