Sunday, 24 May 2009

The Radical Fix

'Renegade Economist' Fred Harrison has seldom been wrong about where our governments, particularly this one, utterly failed to 'go right'. Last month I wrote this little piece about his plan for a radical fix. This time, I'll just leave it to him to explain what we have to do as a nation to get ourselves out of the mire - and avoid the Thirties solution, which was World War II.

I don't entirely agree with him on the land tax issue (there are over-population and transition factors he doesn't seem to take into account with any rigour in his daring escape plan), but I totally agree with him on at least one thing: the first step is to cast off this government and force the next one to get it right. I also agree heart and soul that debt is our real enemy, and a powerful one at that. To defeat debt, the radical fix has to begin right away.

PS: And if you really care, read this (even though he's wrong about Thatcher).

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  1. I share Fred Harrison's analysis of the world's economic structure. And, I come to this agreement after a 35-year career in commmercial and mortgage banking as a market analyst and business manager. The core of his proposal on how government ought to raise its revenue is to stop penalizing good production and services-providers and collect societally-created values (i.e., unearned income flows associated with rising land values and other forms of rents).


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