Friday, 22 May 2009

HP Source

The Telegraph tonight revealed the source of the information leak which led to the expenses scandal. He's Tory-supporting, ex-SAS retired soldier with strong links to parliament, John Wick. Here's what he has to say for himself:

His article in the Telegraph reveals a man disillusioned by the corruption at the heart of Westminster, running through all parties at all levels. His reasoning for releasing the information - bravely, I might add - brooks no argument. His view is that if they want to know everything about us then it's about time we knew something about them.

But he also points out that there is a serious security risk to Britain thanks to the government's appalling record on data protection:
Government ministers had overseen a series of data losses involving the electronic records of ordinary people in recent times and here was the proof that they could not even properly protect their own information.
Ironically, I believe that it was only the outside agency which treated the data as secret and put the correct procedures in place.
The fault for this lies at the top and is indicative of the haphazard way in which personal data for millions of people is treated by the Government.
The expenses scandal may have exposed serious abuse and possible corruption within the Palace of Westminster, but it also shows the abysmal standards of data protection at the heart of British life.
Well, I doff my hat to him. He's not a whistleblower, he's a bloody hero. And what he says is dynamite (or, perhaps, great big barrels of gunpowder).

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