Friday, 8 May 2009

Who The Hell Do They Think They Are?

Peter Hoskin in The Spectator (that truly emerging organ) has sort-of nailed it:
A Parliamentary Horror Story

So far as the Government is concerned, there's no good time for these expense details to be released. But now; now is just about the worst time they could have feared. Just as the Smeargate story is losing most of its urgency - with the resignation of Derek Draper from LabourList today - here's another scandal which will rock politics to its core. And, as Martin suggests, Brown & Co. may bear the brunt of it all. The main revelations so far involve our Dear Leader and members of his Cabinet, and they'll naturally be seen as the administration which has presided over this moral debasement of Parliament. With the local elections under a month away, what promised to be a heavy, heavy defeat for Labour could now be an annhilation.

And yet: more will emerge, and all the main parties will come under heavy fire. One worry has to be that groups like the BNP capitalise from an anti-politician sentiment come June. Either way, this horror story has only just begun.

For myself, I'm beginning to feel pretty strongly that the whole damn edifice of mediocrity and incompetent, vicious, morally bankrupt ineptitude that Parliament has become needs to be (metaphorically) torn down and rebuilt by the people. Not on the foundations of some busted, dusty ideology or other (I've had battles with those myself in my time - and won). But a Parliament built on a philosophy - and the best philosophy human beings in their endless industriousness and imagination have ever created: Liberty. Extremism of any stripe could never flourish in a society where this not-so lofty ambition was achieved.

The first task, though, is to dispose of the worst government ever inflicted on Britain.

The Who said it right a long time ago:

This has gotta be the message now for this government - and the next.

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