Friday, 29 May 2009

Celebs Desert Labour

Rats do the same thing too, or so we're told. They know when the ship is sinking long before the crew. The rats in this case are celebrities; the ship, Brown's government, naturally. The Spectator has the story:
The Independent’s gossip column reports that Labour is having some trouble recruiting celebrity talent to us annual fundraising dinner:

“Party press officers insist that they have a "surprise singing performer" to compound [Eddie Izard’s] credentials. Who could it be? The usual cast of characters (Mick Hucknall, the Bee Gees, Heather Small) refuse to respond to Pandora's advances. Leona Lewis replies (her manager Simon is a good friend of the PM) but only to issue a denial.”

So, who would be the most suitable musical act? I’m thinking Roxette singing ‘It’s over now’. But I’m sure Coffee Housers can come up with a better suggestion. A bottle of the usual champagne for the best one.

Those celebs, eh? Fickle bunch. And light years away from the famous Oasis gig at number 10 in '97. Pathetic, really - all round.

[Something like this maybe?]

Meanwhile, my prophesy as June 1st and GM bankrupcy rapidly approach appears to be coming true. In spite of Mandelson's lies and spin, it seems he/we are powerless to save Vauxhall without it being fully nationalised.

The BBC as one would expect is bigging-up Mandy's role in the takeover of GM Europe by a venture capital group. What it doesn't say is that this takeover in no way secures the British division of the business. If anything, it makes it more likely that Vauxhall will close. It is, after all, merely a duplicate of Opel. If anyone thinks the latter will be sacrificed before the former, or that Labour are in any way capable of stopping it, they need to be reminded of the Rover story (to name but one).


  1. What about Sir Alex Ferguson? He is a red through and through. And I dont mean Man Utd either! Come on you know as well as I do, if it is a certainty the Tories win the next general election, half of them will suddenly become rabid supporters. Any old populism.

  2. Agreed. Maybe that all needs to change too ;)


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