Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Chequebook Apologies

Sorry buddy, won't do. "Giving back" £41k (does this mean we're getting a rebate?) merely displays the scale of your deceit and the scope of the moral turpitude with which you have infected parliament since your new labour regime took control and 'fixed' the system in 1997. 'Fixed' as in 'undermined', the Speaker being a Labourist rather than a Tory as he should have been being a fine example of this deliberate policy of destroying parliamentary independence. Another example is, of course, the politicisation - taming, if you like - of the civil service. So, sorry buddy: thanks for returning the cash you stole. Now piss off.

This government has poisoned Britain.

And this parliament is dead. Someone better bury it soon because it is stinking-up the country. The only person who can do that is David William Donald Cameron. The behaviour of some members of his party in Westminster has been disgraceful and unforgiveable. He must understand that chequebook apologies are not sufficient.

He should feel now that enough is enough and unilaterally declare that it is time for Tory members of parliament to answer to their constituents. This is the right (as in morally right) path to take. It will also trigger a general election and put Brown out of our misery.

I pray for his sake he begins to understand the new reality and go to the country (he now has the power to do this) - and very soon.

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