Thursday, 14 May 2009

McBride Is Back Shock!

The latest Labour lievert reveals that Damian McBride could well still be alive. There have been reports of sightings in several hundred London pubs and YouTubeland Ireland. First revealed by Plato on her peerless site (she thinks the makers must be on LSD), this video, apparently aimed at the Conservative party (though this isn't certain from the actual movie - it could just be people in suits generally who are the class enemy and hate-target), shows all the trademarks of a classic McBride smear job.

Joking apart though, I mean, really! It's a total joke if Labour imagines this style of attack - the McBride/Campbell/Mandelson tactic of make-it-up and make-it-stick - which has been totally discredited so many times (viz Crewe by election for example) will deliver them a fourth term. You can't lie your way into office more than three times. Not even we're that stupid.

Fraser Nelson rips this mudslinging labour lievert to entertaining shreds in his review of it in the Speccy:
"David Cameron would leave young people like me on the dole" runs the first - palpable nonsense. It grows progressively more absurd. Then, finally: "What David Cameron would do is give £200,000 to 3,000 millionaires." That's a lie, rather than an exaggeration. He's referring to inheritance tax, the "millionaires" he refers to would be (how you say?) dead and rather than "give" money, Cameron would propose that the state would not take it from them. The word "lie" is often overused, so let me put it this way: if this claim were made in a document regulated by the London Stock Exchange, then Mr Brown would go to jail. But this, alas, is the type of person we're dealing with: someone who plotted his way to No10 and who tries to stay in power by spreading lies and smears about his opponents.
Exactly. And Iain Martin follows up with a stinging blog post in the Daily Smellygraph, stating:
Fraser's right: the smears get ever more ludicrous as the film goes on. If it had gone on any longer I suspect the following claims would have been made.

Small child, sobbing. Standing in front of rabbit's cage: "David Cameron would restrict the supply of carrots. Your pet would die." (cue creepy music and close up of petrified looking rabbit).

Tense looking mother of two. Standing in front of school gates: "David Cameron would close all schools. Apart from Eton." Cut to shot of public school boys beating up comprehensive school pupils in rags.

Elderly war veteran. Sitting on floor: "David Cameron would make chairs expensive. Under a Conservative government only he and George Osborne could afford them."

So it's becoming pretty clear that the real 'brains' behind the hate-fuelled strategy of negative campaigning belong to the person who has done more damage to virtually every aspect of British life since he swindled and plotted his way into high office than any other man in our history: G. Brown.

You can make your own mind up about the video and the labour tactics, but one thing is absolutely obvious now, especially after this latest scandal, the only campaign it will be possible for the Tories to run against this overpromoted, corrupt old Scotch thug is a negative one.

There is nothing positive to say about him.

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