Thursday, 7 May 2009

Smith's Troughing

Funny Pic from Old Holborn

Great comment Blaney'sBlarney about the latest pack of Jacqui Smith lies over second home allowances - and Labour troughing generally. Worth repeating:
Does anyone in this government have any shame whatsoever? If James Purnell and Tony McNulty's unethical behaviour wasn't bad enough, today's revelations about Jacqui Smith are quite appalling.

Needless to say Today has ignored the story entirely.

Jacqui Smith, you will recall, claimed that her sister's home in London was her principal residence so that she could claim £84,000 in taxpayers' money in second home allowance for her home in Worcestershire. Back in February I pointed out that if this really was her second home then her kids ought not to be educated in Worcestershire. Now we learn that she had told Redditch Council that her Worcestershire home was her principal residence.

You've been busted, you duplicitous, sneaky liar. Resign and face the criminal prosecution that damn well should await you.
She's got no brains, she's destroying British liberty, she's a liar who's still defrauding the taxpayer, she's married to a pervert - no wonder she's gone so far in the most perfidious, venal government ever to hold power.

Not for much longer.

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