Friday, 29 May 2009

Grey Gordons

May 8th 2009 - Brown Brownish

As Labour continues to tank in the polls as the expenses scandal begins to catch-up with them to add to their many other self-inflicted woes (Smeargate etc.), spare a thought for poor old Bunker Brown, the architect and the barely-beating heart of the calamity. He's taking an awful battering and the constant stream of terrible news is clearly taking its toll, judging by his hair colour.

May 16th 2009 - Brown-Grey

After the total humiliation he and his party are heading for in the Euro and local elections, one wonders where his hair will go next: even greyer? White? Out? One thing is certain, though, a bottle of Just For Men is not gonna save him now. These are his last weeks in the office he stole. Hooray.

May 26th 2009 - Brown Greyer

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