Thursday, 14 May 2009

Wind of Change?

Hat tip to John Ward for this funny vid.

Meanwhile, as interviews with members of the public all over the media reveal growing anger about these scandals, Guthrum over at Old Holborn speculates in a thoughtful piece that there's a comparison to be made between public outcry here and that which led to the '89 uprisings which brought democracy to eastern Europe. As Fraser Nelson argues, this is rapidly ramping-up to the level of a very severe constitutional crisis. The Westminster government is now regarded as the least popular and most corrupt in all Europe (save possibly for Italy). The backlash against parliament could just be warming up. Guthrum:
We are watching the slow motion car crash of Westminster, it just smells and tastes like the events of 1989. Each night, I watched sixty years of oppression unravelling on the TV, as Czechs, Germans, Poles, Lithuanians, Estonians etc just simply said no.

They were not led by anybody, professional revolutionaries are usually far away from the action when the day finally comes, Lenin was not even in the country when Tsarist Russia finally imploded.

It is usually just naked anger from the public having had enough.

Brown/Clegg/Cameron have literally days in which to stop this, by calling an election, but this has to be an election with the prospect of a new written Constitution (we had one in 1653, by the way), not just a change of one set of thieves for another set of thieves.

If they fail to act, we have to, by gathering in London, Bristol, Glasgow and Manchester - its our country and we want it back
Yours truly does not think of himself as a marching type (apart from in ranks), but after this appalling display of feudal dishonesty by people who clearly consider themselves our 'ruling classes', if I don't see that immediate general election I've been banging on about, it might actually be time to dig out the loud hailer and paint up some placards.

If you disagree, just remember the words of Gorbals 'uberpiggy' Mick, the so-called 'Speaker' of the HofC:
"I've been a trade unionist all my life I did not come into politics not to take what is owed to me".

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