Sunday, 24 May 2009


Guess who's coming back into government. Yes, the mastermind behind Nannygate himself, Dave Blunkett. Brown's desperation is now total. As the Speccy concludes:
...the overwhelming message that bringing Blunkett back would send would be that Labour is tired and that there is no fresh talent to bring in. There is also a risk to retuning him to the Cabinet at a time when political anger about political sleaze is so high.
No, really? You think?

Simply desperate.


  1. Oh, dear. When Blair gets some sort of a role in the government, we can shout: "House!" just like in a game of Bingo!

  2. It’s been reported that Brown has had secret meetings wih that twat Blunkett with a view to promoting him back into the cabinet. Thats all we need two arseholes with only one eye between them to plan the vision for the future

    You couldn’t make it up but then again as home secatary blind Blunkett was head of neighbourhood watch what the fuck is wrong with these idiots


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