Saturday, 30 May 2009

Vauxhall - The End

This morning's news, even the heavily spun BBC-Mandy version, about the takeover rescue/German-bailout of GM Europe will provide no consolation whatsoever for Vauxhall workers.

Read between the lines of the BBC's Labour-sensitive claptrap. It's not hard to work it out; this one can't be spun very much, but boy, how they have tried:

Lord Mandelson said that [Canadian company] Magna had made it clear that they were committed to continued production in the UK. He added he would be seeking a meeting to "reinforce that commitment".

Talks in Berlin - attended by Chancellor Angela Merkel, other German ministers and officials from the German states that contain GM plants - discussed the offer from Magna.

Magna, backed by a Russian bank and Russian truckmaker GAZ, says it will invest more than 500m euros into Opel.

Merkel was there, chequebook at the ready - flush with the German export-driven budget-surplus real buying money left-wing British popular 'economists' of the UK MSM have been criticising ad nauseum recently - from a position of total ignorance, arrogance and delusion it now seems.

Merkal sweetened the deal with the stuff that talks: real cash. The Russian/Canadian agreement was reached with OPEL, guys. There was no mention of Vauxhall anywhere in it because it wasn't part of the deal. Vauxhall was less than a side-issue: it's regarded as a duplicate operation with a limited (right-hand drive) market. They already think the British operation is literally redundant.

You will have noticed in all this by now: no Gordon Brown present - unlike Merkel, who made a point of it. No Brown, no British money at the table (we don't have any anyway and even he knows that). So Mandelson inevitably, utterly failed - and the slithering, hypocritical mountebank knows that as much as Brown knows he's run out of our money.

He was the poor relation at that meeting and it's vital that that truth breaks through the deep fug of Labour's delusional propaganda. The people of Britain must know just how exposed to calamity Brown and his bunch of idiot acolytes have left our nation.

Bulls**t walks - always. Brown, Mandelson, Labour and, in the eyes of the entire world these days, Britain, are all simply bulls**t. We're a total laughing stock, once more. No one will take us seriously until we take control and kick-out the utter, humiliating liability that is Brown's 'government' - and the rest of the world knows that!

Meanwhile, Vauxhall has six months - tops. Another triumph for Labour.

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