Monday, 18 May 2009

Nuclear Options

So we've had the predictably useless speech (full transcript here), now it's time for Parliament to assert its authority. As Iain Dale says:
The Speaker displayed his won inability to do his job today. His lack of command of parliamentary procedure was self evident. Surely no one, not even the most tribal of Labour MPs, could deny that Mr Speaker signed his own political death warrant today.

Make no mistake, this motion will be debated one way or another. Parliament has got to reassert its own sovereign rights. The government must provide time for it to be debated, preferably for a full day.
If the Speaker's left wing Labour allies try to scupper this, and they have already started, then it will be time for David Cameron to step up to the plate and take the lead. Gordon Brown can't and won't because he's as tainted as his fellow clansman, Gorbals, so only the Tory leader possesses the authority and the quality to force Gorbals out. Iain Dale again, on what Cameron must say:
"I cannot stand idly by while the office is brought into serious disrepute. So I join with the Leader of the second opposition party and can announce this evening that the opposition will, at the earliest opportunity, use its next opposition day debate to debate a motion of confidence in the Speaker of the House of Commons."
If he doesn't get his way, there is a genuine 'nuclear' option: he must stand up in the house and personally confront the Speaker. If he is shut-up, he must say that he believes the house is unfit and that he resigns in protest. He must then look at all members and say "Who will follow?" just before he walks out of the chamber. All Tory MPs will go with him, preferably one by one (that's the plan!) and an awful lot of Liebour/Lib dimmies will too. Consequences: Speaker ousted, parliament dissolved, election forced, Brown skewered, Brown finished, Brown gone, power of parliament restored, new government.


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