Thursday, 21 May 2009

Can I Believe My Ears?

==Question Time Bombshell==

Watch it if you get a chance because hardly had the music stopped than William Hague said - I think - that Douglas Hogg and the others might well have to face criminal prosecution. He then got a round of applause for saying the misuse of expenses could well be fraud. Um...I think he's still gonna get grilled, though. But full marks for effort, William my boy.

Ben Bradshaw's turn. He looks petrified.

Well, maybe not petrified. But he sounds like a whining schoolboy ('It wasn't meee'). The audience responses are interesting: huge, spontaneous applause for the calls from Hague and Cable for a General Election and for the UKIP treasurer, Andersen who asked who signed-off on all this (dovetailing it neatly with Europe). Powerful response to that. UKIP could have really broken through in middle England. Tories beware June 4th! (By the same token, Labour has lost the ear of the public - utterly. They're in real, big, deep poop. Every cloud...).

Martin Bell sounds more and more like the boring old fart he really is. And he's just said he's gonna stand again. Oh dear God.

=Update 2=
The piece that'll be played on the news: Bradshaw mercilessly handbagged by an articulate woman who said, to great applause, "Brown: your time's UP". That's the message in the proverbial nutshell. Pure, simple and shattering, and nothing slippery mouthpieces like Bradshaw say can alter that. Job done.


  1. Yes, watched it because Hague was on. He didn't really impress. But the audience did. Each member was articulate and intelligent in the way they got across the message - surprisingly unified - WE WANT AN ELECTION NOW. I was just waiting for someone to interupt the arrogane and nausiating Bradshaw with SHUT UP - WE ARE YOUR BOSS!!!


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